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Meet Our Team of Instructors

April Marion

unnamed (7).jpg
  • Owner and founder of Get Movin’ Fitness and Nutrition Solutions 

  • She has over 30 years experience as a group fitness instructor and small business owner

  • Certified group fitness instructor and leads classes in Zumba®,  Zumba® Gold, Zumba® Kids, AMPD Strength, AMPD Build, Cardio-Kickboxing,  Balletone, Cycling,  Step, Yoga and Personal Training

  • Certified nutrition mentor with the 2B Mindset and the Ultimate
    Portion Fix Nutrition Programs  

  • Provides private sessions for individual fitness and nutrition support to help you lose weight as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

April is well known for her energy and she will make sure you sweat and smile during your workouts!  April began teaching fitness classes at the young age of 15 and has been an enthusiastic instructor ever since!!  After many years of teaching in gyms, community centers and schools, April opened her wellness boutique in Granby, MA in 2017 where her community grew and  in 2020 relocated to a new and larger location in South Hadley, MA.  Get Movin’ offers group fitness classes, nutrition support and healthy drinks to go, in a comfortable setting, specifically for women! 


April enjoys sharing her passion for fitness and helping women feel good about themselves! You are invited to join one of her group fitness classes or schedule a private session!  April is available to help with meal planning, exercise modifications and offers programs geared towards children and seniors. In addition to on site participation, you can access her live workouts and services online to hold you accountable to your goals! 

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Charlene Resnick

  • Business Partner at Get Movin’ Fitness and Nutrition Solutions 

  • Certified group fitness instructor and leads classes in Zumba®, Zumba® Gold, Ampd Resistance, and Strength training.  

  • Certified nutrition mentor with the 2B Mindset and the Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition Program

  • Provides private exercise sessions and coaching sessions in person and online to help you make healthy choice lifestyle changes!

Charlene's path into fitness started out purely as a means to lose weight! After weighing 300 lbs and having trouble with everyday tasks, she knew she needed to make changes.  She was too tired to play with her daughter and had several medical issues that included high blood pressure, she was pre-diabetic and had PCOS. Charlene started making small dietary changes moving towards a clean eating plan and added 15 minutes of walking daily. Her walks increased and she progressed to participating in group fitness classes.

Charlene quickly found her way up to the front of the class and fell in love with energy and the fun she was having!  As she continued with her new healthy lifestyle she lost a total of 150 pounds and her health is no longer at risk!!

Charlene dedicates her successes to the community of support she has received from attending group fitness classes and from participating in Get Movin’s online accountability group! 

As someone who has always wanted to help others Charlene knew that there were many women just like her and she wanted to help them improve their health and to give them hope!   

Charlene is looking forward to getting to know you and to sharing her love of health and fitness to motivate and inspire you!!


Karyna Rondeau

Licensed Group Fitness Instructor

  • Strong by Zumba®

  • Zumba®

  • Barre Above

Karyna brings her energy and enthusiasm for fitness and helping others to get strong to every class.

 She finds joy in motivating others to feel fit and fabulous while having fun.  Karyna is sure to push you and to make you sweat!


Elizabeth Booth

  • AMPD™ Kickboxing


Elizibeth has been working out at Get Movin for many years, She loves working out and helping others to get strong and healthy.

Elizbeth brings her enthusiam and energy to her class and is excited to lead you in her kickboxing classes!

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