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Now Offering Professional Spray Tanning!

Keep that summer glow through the winter and all year long, it’s time to refresh your body with that gorgeous, golden glow that speaks of poolside sangria, late nights on the roof deck, and lazy days at the beach with your best friends. But skip the long hours in the sun and say goodbye to those damaging UV rays- Get Movin' Fitness now offers Professional Spray Tanning!


In just one visit, you can walk away with perfectly blended (and perfectly bronzed) color that highlights all of your natural contours and beauty. Along with saving time, there are other advantages to professional spray tans that make them well worth a visit!


Get a Spray tan for $35 


I started spray tanning after pulling out my bathing suit and shorts and realizing I shouldn’t spend hours in the sun or a tanning bed because it’s not good for the wrinkles or the increased risk of cancers...needless to say I am not the only one who feels this way!  Let me share more details and the benefits of a spray tan with you..

 No UV Exposure

One of the most obvious benefits of a salon spray tan is getting you back that picturesque, sun-kissed glow—without endangering your health. When you take out the long hours of UV exposure, you decrease your risk of developing skin related cancers, such as melanoma. It can be an actual life-saver.


Beyond the health risks of UV exposure, UV rays also cause premature aging in the skin.  

Healthy skin matters. It is the largest organ in the body, your first-line of defense against infections, and when it’s healthy, you’re happy!


Natural & Streak-Free Glow.  

You have seen in person, read online, or heard horror stories about DIY tans gone wrong, like an unnatural tint that leaves you feeling like a freshly peeled orange. Or the zebra-stripe streaks that leave you too embarrassed to hit the town in that leggy new dress! Airbrushed by a skincare professional, salon spray tans deliver a 100% natural looking, even-toned, and perfectly-blended bronze that will have people asking, “What sunny vacation destination did you just come back from?” Little do they know, you were bikini-ready before you even hit the beach…


Lift Your Spirits & Boost Your Confidence!

Men and women admit that getting a spray tan boosts their confidence and makes them feel more attractive overall. Anything that promotes a better self-image is worth it, because self-confidence can change your life, and the way that others see and treat you.


Time-Saving & Instant

Get photo-worthy skin, instantly. Everyone knows how hard it can be to regain that gorgeous summer glow after a long winter. With spray tan, there are no more endless hours of skin-damaging sun-tanning. You can have the shade you desire, without the hassle. Salon spray tans will help save your precious time and provide long-lasting results in a matter of minutes!


Customizable Color

When you use a DIY tanning product, you never know the exact shade it will come out to be—it depends on setting time, amount, brand, and application type. There are too many factors to account for. At a salon & spa, however, you choose your perfect shade! Go with a gentle glow, or a bold bronze—the choice is yours. If you don’t know where to start, ask a salon or spa professional. They are always happy to make a recommendation that will help you achieve a stunning tan that compliments your already stunning features!


With spray tanning, gorgeous, glowing skin is available year-round. Call our office at 413-255-0421 to learn more about spray tanning.

Haven’t you heard, “Life with a spray tan is always better?” So if you’re new to the spray tanning world, we’ve got you covered! From here on out, you’ll never have to go another day wondering what life with a spray tan might be like.


I have answered the most common spray tan questions so you can get your glow on without worrying about a thing.


I know a spray tan can't be as bad as tanning beds, but is it safe? 


The solution has been approved for external use by the FDA; however, you should avoid getting it in your eyes, mouth or nose. Your attendant should apply the solution carefully to your face. While the rest of your body is being sprayed, hold your breath and close your eyes.


How should I prepare for my spray tan? 

When preparing for your spray tan, exfoliating is key; but don’t wait until the day of your spray tan. It’s best to exfoliate your skin in the days leading up to your spray tan sesh to take away any dead skin cells. By exfoliating ahead of time, you’ll be prepping your skin to soak in all the bronze color a spray tan has to offer! This will help ensure your color lasts up to 10 days.


Is there anything I shouldn't use on my skin before my appointment? 

Avoid scented lotions, oils, and anything that could sink into your skin and make your new tan uneven.


Spray tan or self tanner?

When it comes to do-it-yourself tanner, it can be difficult to apply the tanning product evenly all over your body, especially in those hard-to-reach areas. A professional spray tan artist will utilize a spray-on process, which is designed to evenly apply the spray solution to your skin without leaving streaks, blotches or tan lines.


What should I wear?

Wear loose clothing in dark colors, preferably something that you don't care about, since it will get stained (especially if your solution has bronzer in it). The stain may wash out, but it's not guaranteed. Your bra should also be the loose variety (no sports bras), and you may even want to leave it off after your treatment. During the application process, we recommend wearing a bikini, a disposable undergarment (provided by your spray tech) or your best of all, a birthday suit. 


Can I get a sun tan and spray tan on the same day?

Absolutely! In fact, we call this “double-dipping.” To achieve the ultimate glow, follow up your trip to the beach with a spray tan, to finish off your glow for a rich, bronze color. What should I expect after my spray tan?  After your initial spray session, the solution will continue to get darker over the next eight to 12 hours. It’s best to wait four to six hours before showering to avoid washing off any formula. For special occasions, we recommend getting your spray tan the night before and sleeping through the night while allowing your color to develop.


When should I shower afterwards? 

Wait at least 5 hours (8 if you want to be safe) before showering. It's crucial to avoid any swimming or sweating, not to apply any products or moisturize, and not to exfoliate before this first shower. All of these things can make your spray tan uneven or streaky.

What’s the best way to maintain my color?

After getting a spray tan, it’s important to keep your skin moisturized. The more hydrated your skin is, the longer the color will last. We recommend refraining from any heavy physical activity or swimming in order to preserve your tan.


How long do spray tans last?

How long a spray tan lasts can vary from person to person, but one session will typically last roughly 7 to 10 days, though certain factors can extend or shorten that period.


Am I protected from the sun? 

No. Spray tan solution doesn't have any kind of sunblock in it. If you are going out, put on a sunblock.


Is there anything I shouldn't use on my skin after my treatment? 

Avoid scented lotions, perfumes, astringents, and cleaning solutions with acid or peroxide. Anything harsh or chemical will wear away your tan more quickly.


Is there anything I should use on my skin after my first shower? 

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Natural, fragrance-free lotions are best. This will ensure that your skin remains healthy and hydrated, and that your spray tan lasts longer.


What else can I do to make sure my tan lasts as long as possible?


While your spray tan is new, you'll want to avoid chlorinated water, as this can make the color fade faster. In addition, cut the amount of shaving you do down to a minimum, as this works as an exfoliant and will also make your tan fade. Once your tan has started fading naturally, you can resume most of your normal skincare regimen.


Now that you’re fully in the know of all things spray tan… Happy spray tanning!

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