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Join date: Jun 20, 2019


Hello Ladies!! My name is April and I am your host of Get Movin’s exclusive group!! i am thrilled to be here to empower and inspire one another! i look forward to getting to know you better and having you as part of a very special community of women using momentum to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle!! Visit often, refer friends ano GET MOVIN’!! 💕💪🏻🧘🏼‍♀️🎶


  • Shakeo lover
    Shakeo lover
    Consumes regularly
  • Gut health
    Gut health
    Following Gut Protocol
  • 2B Mindset Challenge
    Completed the 2B Mindset Nutrition Course
  • Ultimate Portion Fix
    Ultimate Portion Fix
    Ultimate portion fix challenger
  • 3 day refresher
    3 day refresher
    Has done 3 day refresh
  • Instructor
    Group fitness instructor at Get Movin fitness


First Name
April Marion-McClure
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