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Personal Training plans

Choose one that works for you

  • Personal Training Bronze Plan

    Every month
    Meet with licensed trainer 4x each month
    • work on your personal goals
    • get individual attention
    • be held accountable
    • work out at your own pace
  • Personal Training Silver Plan

    Every month
    8 private sessions each month
    • Create a healthy fitness routine
    • Increase your strength, flexibility and confidence
    • Work out at your own pace with individual attention
    • Fitness coaching from your certified personal trainer
  • Personal Training Gold Plan

    Every 4 weeks
    12 workouts / month
    • Increases accountability
    • Helps with goal setting
    • You'll get an individualized plan
    • Promotes exercise variety
    • Nutritional advice
    • Helps your mental health.
    • Work w/ a certified personal trainer 3x each week for 30 min

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