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What makes our shakes so amazing??

Get Movin’ fitness is Now serving nutritious shakes, energy drinks and skinny teas!

Our shakes can help you Lose weight, Reduce cravings, Increase energy and stamina, and Promote healthy digestion and regularity!

Our shakes are

  • 100% All natural

  • Made from whole foods

  • Full meal replacement

  • Great source of protein

  • Gluten Free

Each serving of shakeology has 17g of protein, 9 essential amino acids

4 – 6 g of soluble and insoluble fiber and is only 150 calories per serving.!

We are open daily!

Check out our fall flavors and order online, stop in or give us a call!

Visit us on Tasty Tuesdays to sample our November Specialty shakes!

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