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Trysten’s Story 🎉💪🏼

Have you ever been in the best shape of your life than an injury stops you and sets you back?


It has definitely happened to me, and I had to start back slowly to prevent further injury!


And that is exactly why Trysten joined Get Movin' fitness and has consistently attended 25 personal coaching sessions! 💪

Today she is stronger, more confident and has improved her shoulder strength!

When Trysten began with us just a few months ago she was cautious about a recent shoulder injury but really wanted to get back to exercising to get ready for an upcoming wedding! 💋

Trysten committed to 30min 3x a week and showed up for herself each day to push through a workout! She tried a variety of formats like kickboxing, Flow and Build and was given special 1-1 attention from myself and or Char to assist her with proper form to safely execute the exercises correctly, Her favorite quickly became Apmd Strength with the bar because she loved memorizing the moves and the music is great! 🥳

Not to mention the moves have really given her definition in her arms!

In addition to exercising Trysten followed our 3 day refresh cleansing program to jumpstart her wait loss and dropped 5 pounds and 7 inches over all!

Trysten is ready for this weekends wedding and she will be continuing her coaching sessions to work on her next goal, vacation!

If you are looking to get yourself in your best health for a special event we can help!

At Get Movin' we offer personal coaching sessions at a variety of times throughout the week!! And you will be very surprised at our very reasonable rates!

Just reach our to us !🤩

AND dont forget to give a shout out to Trysten for inspiring all of us with her success story!!!

Way to go Trysten!!

I am really proud of your commitment and your results, thank you for choosing Get Movin' Fitness!! You are an official ELITE FitNut!!🌟

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