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Get Movin’s cleansing detox workshop

❓Have you ever thought about giving your body a break from bad habits?

Would you like to know more about cleansing your body and how a detox can help?

Our 3 and 5 day Detox can help:

  • 😆Eliminate Belly bloat

  • 👢Jumpstart metabolism

  • ✂Break a plateau

  • 🍽Improve digestion

  • 🥗Give you a clean break from bad habits

  • ⚖Weight loss

📌Sign up for our workshop and get a simple 3 day detox plan to cleanse your body.

🛒We will also talk about intermittent fasting and what foods you can eat to stay in control of your cravings!

Tickets are just $15 and include a simple 3 day detox plan to cleanse your body and a raffle ticket to win a special gift for attending!

Participate in studio or virtually.

Pre- Registration is required. Space is limited for in studio participation!

Purchase your ticket in advance by clicking the payment link here.

Located at Get Movin' Fitness 577 Granby Road South Hadley, MA and online with the zoom app!

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