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Our Get Fit Formula

Take Control of Your Unhealthy Choices,

Improve Your Self Confidence and

Make Long-Term Lifestyle Changes!

So what exactly is our "GET FIT FORMULA"?

Our Get Fit Formula is a personalized plan for accountability with consistent support from a dedicated coach and community of like-minded women to further inspire and motivate your fitness and nutrition success.

Are you always taking care of everyone else and have no time for yourself?

Are you unhappy with the way you look in the mirror?

Do you feel embarrassed at social gatherings and avoid being in pictures?

Do you fear stepping on the scale and what bad news you may get at your next Dr.s appointment? 

Could you be at risk for high blood pressure,  high cholesterol, diabetes and will you hear the horrible words over weight or even worse, obese?


April Marion - Charlene Resnick

Licensed Group Fitness Instructors

Certified Nutrition Mentors

Founders of Team Get Movin'

You know you have to make changes,

but don't know where to begin...

And that's where we come in.  Our solution is a simple combination of fitness, nutrition and our special touch of accountability.  You will get our support and encouragement to feel confident in a new dress at your holiday party and long after in your family photos.  

And the best part is, this can all be done from wherever you choose! 

Our entire program can be accessed virtually from the comfort of your own home, your local gym or at our wellness boutique located in South Hadley, MA!

Each program is tailored based on your personal needs and goals!  You will also be held accountable to make changes that lead to long term success!!

Now due to limited space for the best experiance and results, we can only offer this program to a smal group of women who are seriously interested in learning how to improve their physical health by adding doable exercise into their weekly schedule and creating healthy habits...


I was embarassed of the way I looked and I was scared of the health risks. I lost over 150 pounds and I have kept it off!  I will continue to follow my Get Fit Formula to further my results!~Charlene

april b_a .png

I was feeling depressed and the scale kept going up!  My Get Fit Formula helped me to take control of my eating habits and now I have more energy and I am healthier then I have ever been! ~April

Would you like to know how?

Keep reading to find out more about our

12 Week Get Fit Formula Program for lifelong results. 


So how does our "GET FIT FORMULA" work?

This is what sets apart from other programs...

Over the years of leading fitness classes and hosting weight loss support groups, I have found what most women struggle with in sticking with any program, is the lack of accountability and self confidence.   I empower women to believe they are capable of making lifelong changes with my caring and continuous support.


Choose from a variety of exercise programs that can be done in 30 minutes or less.   Our workouts modifiable for all levels of fitness and be personalized just for you!  Workouts can ba done at home, at your local gym or live with us!


Access our clean eating meal plan with easy to follow recipes and grocery list.  Track your foods with our nutrition tracking app. No measuring, no counting calories and eat real foods!  We provide simple, quick and customized meal prepping ideas!  


How many times have you told yourself, "if I only had someone to hold me accountable"?  With our program. you will have the support from a dedicated coach and a community of women who you can relate to!  In addition to daily valuable content you will recieve 1-1 check-ins with your personal coach to weigh, measure and further inspire you to continue.

Our "Get Fit Formula" accountability program is

100% satisfaction

money back gaurantee

At ANY point during the first 30 days of our program if you are not 100% satisfied or you do not feel ike this is the program for you, we will refund your money.

money back.jpg

Experience Our Complete Program

Access on your Phone, Laptop or Desktop ANYTIME!

 Improve your self-control and confidence

Get Fit Formula - GFF

This program is designed for women who are stuck at a weightloss plateau or on a diet rollercoaster.  Women who are experiencing belly bloat, digestion issues

and a slowing metabolism will benefit from our program.
Decrease belly Fat, eliminate bloatedness and feel more comfortable in your clothing. 

Even if you have little time and have no idea where to begin,

we can help you get started and continue!


$165 for 12 weeks 

$50 per month thereafter

Sample a variety of workout videos w/ modifications in only 30 min or less.

Get Clean Eating Nutrition Support to help you with

emotional eating, hydration, sleep habits!

Be a part of our women only success group to access materials online, engage in daily coach questions and to be supported in our private community!

Also get (1) 30 minute coaching session each month with your personal coach!  Coaching sessions will be done over the phone or with a live Zoom call for personal attention.

Sign up NOW for a FREE 7 day Clean Eating Meal Plan


 Strengthen your core & improve your fitness

Get Fit Formula - GFF PLUS

This program is perfect for you if you are just getting started, need exercise modifications or are afraid of going to the gym!   Get everything offered above PLUS additional support with meal planning and improving your level of fitness for long term success.

Access our entire library of online workout videos that include a 

complete nutrition plan with recipes and is personalized for your individual needs.  


If you live nearby, attend 1 group fitness class each week at our studio 

with a licensed group fitness instructor and other women from our community.




This plan provides you with our Challenge Tracker App for additional accountability and our on Demand App to access your online workouts.  You will also 30 minute Private Coaching Sessions bi-weekly, in person or virtually to cover additional topics as needed.

Sign Up Now & get an additional 2-9 months of online workout videos

or up to (2) group fitness classes each week

$109 - 169 for 4 weeks 

$50 per month thereafter


Lose 3-5 inches off your waistline

Get Fit Formula - GFF VIP

Do you need a tailored nutrition program that is specific to your goals? 

If you have more than 20 pounds to lose or want immediate results choose our VIP plan.  This plan will target emotional eating and help those who are stuck, at wits end

and are desperate for help!  Work closely with a certified nutrition mentor for a personal nutrition plan that is specific to your goals without restrictions.


$174-$219 4 weeks 

$60-70 per month thereafter 


Transform your mind with our online nutrition course where you will get a customizable

meal plan for every day success without counting calories or measuring!  

Meet with your dedicated coach for up to 30 minutes each week for accountability

and consistent support on additional topics.   You will be part of our online community with our Private Tracking app for daily support and accountability. 

Access all of your materials and track your food with our Nutrition app.

Sign Up Now &

Get Shakeology or Performance

Sampler FREE

Add on our PLUS option

to include workouts for 

additonal $39

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